Ghiță în Islam (I)

Știți poveștile cu moldoveanca forjată în stil și în sexapil ca o bombă cu fitil? Și cu arabul (șeic, prinț, student la medicină) amorezat necuprins de fitilul ei aprins? Din fulminația lor fluierând un marfar încărcat cu dromaderi, destinația Târgu Ocna?

Vești bune: societatea noastră moldovenească a progresat, ergo egalitatea sexelor! Introducere în noua lume a prietenului Ghiță, alături de prințesa lui arabă:

Scris de Ghiță

I am a Christian and Islam for me meant a strange religion with which I had little to no contact until I was 26 years old. Mind you, strange is not necessarily bad, merely a reflection of my ignorance. My future wife, who is a Muslim and introduced me to Islam, was strange to me until I was 26 but after I got to know her I loved her with all my heart.

With people you can tell more readily if you like them, but religion is another matter, because it involves intense documentation, trust in accuracy of history, contemplation, asking questions of one’s self and filtering all of that through your true self to see if makes sense to you and this takes time. Religion demands time, first to understand it, then to practice it.

Right now, I am in the initial phase of the process of understanding Islam. No matter how hard I try, I can only look at Islam through my Christian eyes and when I read from the Quran I mostly nod in acceptance when similarities with the Bible exist and when differences in views appear, I stop and think.

To me, the Christian God and the Islamic God are one and the same, be it the Christian convoluted trinity or the unyielding Islamic oneness of God. Humans across the world are so different in personalities and cultures that it is unimaginable that there wouldn’t be different views upon the same holy text written long ago.

The holy text is supposed to be God’s words but written so long ago, when the language was different that a single mistranslated word can have a massive ripple effect with major implications in the present. That is why for me more important than understanding and meticulously obeying the scripture is advocating and following fundamental values such as peace and goodwill and loving thy neighbor, no matter their religion.

Islam to me means unity of people under one God, more so than in Christianity. It is a continuous, systematic faith practiced throughout the day, every day. It is implacable tradition which unites Muslim families to other Muslim families. Being exposed to a second religion makes me wonder how many people follow a certain religion because of the belief in the scripture and how many follow it because of family obligations and geography.

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